Chicken Foot OKC

Chicken Foot is a Fast-Casual Counter Service Restaurant offering the best dang Fried Chicken you’ll ever have in your life! You can find Chicken Foot located on the east side of the water in Chisholm Creek. Having trouble locating the spot? Just look for Buddy, the 10-foot-tall Rooster keeping guard out front. Enjoy a whole bird & all the side for a family-style meal, or go your own way (lookin’ at you Fleetwood Mac) and try one of Chicken Foot’s flavor packed sammiches. The Sticky Chicky is a fan favorite for the masses, while the Habanero Hot will light you on fire, if you’re into that sort of thing…  Whichever way you choose to go, Don’t forget the buns, hun! CF’s Cinny Bun is an essential step to a well rounded experience. Visit the Chicken Foot Website.