BRUNCH! Find your New Favorite

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(from Greg Elwell at the Oklahoma Gazette) Brunch, like a shirt, is not one-size-fits-all. Most shirts will cover the important bits, but finding one that fits in all the right ways takes more work.

That wasn’t an option in Oklahoma City until a few years ago. Brunch was an indulgence most restaurants didn’t offer. But as goes the nation, so goes Oklahoma — eventually.

It’s now almost mandatory for restaurants to serve brunch. And that doesn’t even count the new eateries that began seemingly out of a devotion to offering daily brunch.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by so many choices, so we came up with a few categories to help you find the right brunch for every occasion.

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New Metro Restaurants

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(from Steve Gil at 405 Magazine) Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and while on one level that leads to thinking about food (this is, after all, the food issue), it also makes this an excellent time to take stock of how much growth the metro has experienced, and how that’s been reflected in an even larger bounty of restaurants that are looking to make their mark on Oklahoma City palates. Yes, we’re back to thinking about food again. We’ve rounded up more than two dozen of our favorite fresh flavor purveyors; please feel free to feast on these recommendations.

► Hatch

When it began: October 2016

Where to find it: 1101 N Broadway, Automobile Alley

What’s the story: Purveyors of “early mood food,” they’re certain to get you in the right mood to kick off your day, thanks to the open feel, natural light, yellow-and-blond-brick color scheme … and completely delicious breakfast.

What to try: For sweet, try the Oklahoma-shaped pancake with little crumbles of pecan and bacon; for savory, the migas laced with onions and peppers or the avocado toast. Either way, do *not* leave without some hash brown tumblers. They’re spectacular.

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PC brings Brunch to Automobile Alley

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Automobile Alley, once a straggler in attracting restaurants to the historic corridor, is set to see its first breakfast and lunch diner open this summer in the Buick Building.

Hatch Early Mood Food, 1101 N Broadway, will be located next to Broadway 10 Chophouse and across the street from Sidecar, 1100 N Broadway – all opened by Aaron Soward and Jeff Dixon in historic buildings redeveloped by Midtown Renaissance Group.

“When we see an opportunity, it’s where we see a void in the market,” Dixon said. “We want to be part of the residential mixed-use play taking place in Midtown, Automobile Alley and Deep Deuce. And what makes these restaurants successful are walkability, livability, and a mix of business, housing, pleasure and retail.”

A decade has passed since Red Prime Steakhouse became the first restaurant to open along Broadway in Automobile Alley. Cultivar Mexican Kitchen opened to long lines Monday at 714 N Broadway. Soward and Dixon, meanwhile, have served meals to former President Bill Clinton, Seinfeld cast member Jason Alexander and NBA legends Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Read more from The Oklahoman.