(From Dave Cathey at The Oklahoman) The world is on its ear thanks to the ongoing pandemic outbreak and the 405 diningscape faces an existential threat. The only chance we have to see our favorite restaurants still in operation on the other side of this catastrophe will be to get creative.

Understand, most of our local operators are currently split between trying to figure out how to retrofit their restaurant on the fly. Places that have always made a majority of their money sending food out a window are well-positioned.

 Birra Birra Craft Pizzeria, 1316 W Memorial Rd #102, will both offer free meals to those hardest affected by the threat on Thursday. Birra Birra has a $3000 prepaid tab, paid for by Orcutt Mechanical Contractors and Lingo Construction Services, to feed medical staff, first-responders and grocery store employees. Folks from those professions can call 607-0060 during operating hours on Thursday to make a free pick-up order. Read more on The Oklahoman.

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