Automobile Alley, once a straggler in attracting restaurants to the historic corridor, is set to see its first breakfast and lunch diner open this summer in the Buick Building.

Hatch Early Mood Food, 1101 N Broadway, will be located next to Broadway 10 Chophouse and across the street from Sidecar, 1100 N Broadway – all opened by Aaron Soward and Jeff Dixon in historic buildings redeveloped by Midtown Renaissance Group.

“When we see an opportunity, it’s where we see a void in the market,” Dixon said. “We want to be part of the residential mixed-use play taking place in Midtown, Automobile Alley and Deep Deuce. And what makes these restaurants successful are walkability, livability, and a mix of business, housing, pleasure and retail.”

A decade has passed since Red Prime Steakhouse became the first restaurant to open along Broadway in Automobile Alley. Cultivar Mexican Kitchen opened to long lines Monday at 714 N Broadway. Soward and Dixon, meanwhile, have served meals to former President Bill Clinton, Seinfeld cast member Jason Alexander and NBA legends Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Read more from The Oklahoman.